Monday, April 13, 2009

அளவிலா அன்பு...

Not even a day passes without an experience of feeling HIS grace, but, only some can be shared.

Last week, I visited someone in mylapore who noticed the zip in my bag was kept open! I said, I knew it and I don't have time to take it to the repairer. He said he knows one who has a shop nearby and took me there.

Before I could take the things from my bag, he took the bag to the man who was stitching and told him to change the runner. My friend, who always eats vetrilai and seeval, hope you understand, most of them have a habit of touching their lips or teeth with their fingers and they never care to wash their hands… he put his hand inside my bag and took the hand towel, some money and my pen and, I was worried to the maximum level as I always carry a rudhrAksha mAlai in the bag….
But, there was no mAlai at all and it took a few minutes for me to realize and connect what has happened two days ago…
I need to add some flashback to it, before I continue....

That was a period when pudhu periyava and bAla periyava was camping in chennai. I just sat in front of bAla periyava and was doing japam. This took place on the stage of shrI chandhrasEkarEndhra sarasvathi hall, vANi mahAl, chennai. Then I had an opportunity to talk to His Holiness and asked Him for a japa mAlai. He said He will give.

The next day, pudhu periyava came there with bAla periyava and looking at the pomegranate kept near them, I got a feeling that there is something special about that and I asked my beloved and sweetest guru, mahA periyava (in my manas), "periyava… adhu enakku vENum"

No sign of my getting it appeared. Both the periyavas started from there… I came to the entrance on the side of the stage and waited near the steps, seeing periyava getting into the van. A man with the bamboo plate, probably he would have been the last man of the crew, crossed me and the pomegranate fell on me from the plate! He said, "adhu ungaLukku thAnnu periyava solar pOlirukku"

The next day was pradhOsham and it seemed that the paramAthmA has decided to shower HIs divine grace more...

I went to Shankara Gurukulam, house of thEdhiyUr shrI subhramaNya sAsthrigaL, where His Holiness was camping. (Once, thEdhiyUr sAsthrigaL and many vidhvAns were in a sadhas. The discussion reached a sensitive point, where a conclusion might be got, only if periyavA talks and clarifies something. As He was observing kAshta mounam, that day, the mOna dhakshiNAmUrthy showed no signs of even a small movement.

sAsthrigaL stood up and said, "innikku thEdhiyUr shrI subhramaNyan prANan oru kAlla ninnuNdE pOppOradhu… ellArum okkANdu ivLO vivAdham paNNi, idhu sariyA… idhu thappAnnu pesumbOdhu, nAn pEsa mAttEnnu periyavA okkANdu irundhA enna artham?". [I am going to die, standing in single leg, as periyavA remains silent, when the discussion is intensive]

The prapancha mahA shakthi, smiled a little, did Achamanam and talked. GURU is there only to eliminate the darkness of ignorance. Such a bAndhayvam, svAtheenam were there between the bakthA and periyavA).

I, seated in my kinetic honda three wheeler, went closer to the window of the van. Pudhu periyavA was inside and yet to open it. The people who started gathering near the van objected me to be that closer to the van, that too on a bike! When the decibel of voices increased, He opened the window and said, "avan angayE irukkattum" [let him be there itself]

And, when He came out and just walked beside towards the hall, I asked, "periyavA I need pradhOsha prasAdham today"

That day was the last day of their camp at abhiramapuram. So, He delivered a speech after pUjA and when He came back, He looked at me with a smiling face and stopped near me…. Took vibhUthi in His hand and poured it on my right hand saying, "pradhOsha prasAdham". Then both the periyavAs went inside and came back to the van, bidding a bye to the crowd.

bAla periyavA, looked at me and said to pudhu periyavA, "he asked for a rudhrAksham". He replied, "ellAm kidaikkum". Then the van moved from there.

Now, the hall of guru kulam was silent.

Only some leaves and petals of some flowers were lying on the floor. The pUjA maNdapam was there in a distance. I wanted to go there and sit nearby the maNdapam for a while and crawled the distance. When I reached there, I saw someone being there in a room behind the hall and it was bAlu mAmA!

He was busy in packing the vigrahams and accessories of pUjA, as he was the care taker of poojai kattu. I went to him and introduced myself and said, I want to do a namaskAram to shrI mAmA. He asked me to be near the maNdapam and came there.

I said, "mAmA, bless me that I should have the smaraNa of periyavA like a thaila dhArA". He asked me to wait for a while and went inside and searched intensively for something and took something which was wrapped in a red vasthram… when he opened it and gave me, I was transformed to a different world of bliss… a rudhrAksha mAlA of mahA periyavA…

That was the story of it.
It was 9.15pm when all of a sudden I got a feeling of doing japam with the rudhrAksha mAlai and dedicating that itself as a hAram to Periyava. I always keep the rudhrAksha mAlai with me, in my bag, since it was worn by Periyava and I got it from a kainkarya parA of Periyava on January 2001.
Driven by an intuition, I did the japam and put the rudhrAksham on periyavA photo itself as an offering to his lotus feet and slept. I thought of taking it back, when I had to go for a concert the next day, but, owing to some reason or other, two days after this only, the zip and runner story happened!

கணப்பொழுதும் உடனிருப்பதை மீண்டும் ஒருமுறை உறுதி செய்தது, கருணை என்பதே கண்களாய்க்கொண்ட காஞ்சிக் கடவுள்...

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  1. This is a very touching account. I got a silver coin that was used during His Kanakabishekam ceremony. I gave it to Him and He held it in His palms for about half an hour and then only gave me. I am keeping it in my puja now.