Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Latest Comedy..

As told by UKS Sir: once, a katha kalakshepa vidvAn known to Sri Arupathi Natesa Iyer (sir's first guru and my parama guru) was awarded a title chathur bAshi. It seems that vidhvAn was not actually deserving much and on hearing it, Arupathi Natesa Iyer said, "cha... dhur bAshi..."smile

and on comedy-awards the list can go on like anything, but, I shall coin a few for now...

if musician (alive) and music dies when singing, sangeetha kAlAvathi 

if a vidhvAn refuses to take cheque, sangeetha soodA-money (hot cash only)

if a critic reviews horribly, vasai pEraRingnar 

best replying pakka vAdhyam - sangeetha kalA sAra - thee (karpoora buddhi!)

if music is incomplete, sangeetha poosaNum [patch work needed, or else, nee

if nick's favourite "rasikAs" behave properly, sangeetha AcharyA 

for wrong pronunciation and missing sruthi - 'sin'nisai vEndhar 

and finally... if someone pays for sabha and sings, sangeetha sir'own'money