Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Access denied...

The awareness about access denied to handicapped people seems as if it is actually aware-less!

The ministers, officers, so called followers-party men can never understand such needs of the disabled. They lead a luxurious life; they step into Lexus from their house and gets down at the airport, fana-luna-tics making way for them wherever they go.

They enjoy an uninterrupted journey to anywhere, just as easier as they reach their WC (western closet) from their bedroom. Maybe, the journey that the water, which goes into their stomach, might undergo difficulty to go under, owing to their "service - 24x365"

Ours is a WC problem too, the access through the “Wheel Chair”

Politicians always expect a major percentage for everything! If your caste has a significant percentage of votes, your voice will be heard by the head of the herd. However, the number of people who fight for their survival with their handicap is meagre. In fact, the physical ailment that we have, contributes a lion’s share to the casting of bogus voting, which facilitates their chance of winning.

Napoleon, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, says ramps cannot be provided for the existin(k)g buildings for want of space! Even the ramps in most of the railway stations are always looking damaged and decorated by phlegm and pawn spits! To fuel the fire more, one cannot find where the ramp is, as autos block them.

This is an age of actors and their followers. It is Indian cinema, which coined the greatest philosophy “oru poNNu manasa oru poNNAla dhAn purinjikka mudiyum” – only a girl can understand a girls mind! Only a disability can make them realise what actually it is...

Therefore, what I think the only way to set it right is, to increase the population of handicapped people by breaking the legs of the so-called authorities and ministers. Even if any one of their eyes is dug, it will be perfect as pigs are one-i-eyed!

Great, it is awesome in writing but will result in mOsam (result otherwise) in material world. We have only one choice but raising the voice.

Please, join hands in mailing the government and the authorities to provide access in a meaningful way and let it prevail forever, unlike many schemes that vanish after a survival for a short period.

Can you fight for a cause? See this link, an experience of mine and send a mail to the concerned authority... (Friends from abroad and citizens of other nations can also write)

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