Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Me - updated appu...

The Basics
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
mrudangam artiste
Relationship Status:
talk, sing, single...
Religious Views:
What's Your Sign?:
Any Siblings?:
Shoe size:
Where were you born?:
Innie or Outie:
innie for outie and outie for innie
Righty or Lefty?:
right tea and left coffee
Any pets?:
What month were you born in?:
What is your favourite Raga?:
My Favorites
Favorite Color:
kamAkshi's red
Favorite Car:
honda odessy
Favorite Movie:
GV Iyer's Adhi shankarAchArya, cast away, shawshank redemption, Schindler's list
Favorite Hobby:
writing, chess, facebooking n orkutting
Favorite Song/Singer:
Jon Singer, my sishya
Favorite Book/Author:
Favorite School Subject:
Favorite Vacation Destination:
Favorite Food:
dhosai, chappathi....
Favorite Restaurant:
veg places
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Store:
nAdAr kadai, select store [closer to uks sir's place], cost co, wall mart, meijers,
Favorite Celebrity :
Favorite Childhood Friend:
Favorite Childhood Memory:
crowd puller
Favorite Baby Name:
aparna [latest]
Favorite Person In Your Life:
Favorite Facebook Application :
geo challenge
Favorite Possession:
bike n notebook
Mall Store:
mega mart
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant:
indhira nagar chat
Sandlot or Little Rascals:
thamizh pesu n neeya naana
Favorite Holiday:
summer holidays
Favorite Number:
Favorite Hard Candy:
murukku, vella cheedai
Favorite Month:
Favorite Flower:
lillee n shenbaga
Favorite Ice Cream:
cashew-choco-dip-cone - freeze zone
Favorite Smell:
luv perfumes
Favorite Drink:
fresh juices
Favorite Cartoon Character:
tom & jerry
Favourite kind of pants:
This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla:
Big Mac or Whopper:
garlic bread
Coke or Pepsi :
coke [pepsi orE shoe polish vaasanai]
Beer or Wine:
Coffee or Tea:
Apple Juice or O.J.:
Facebook or MySpace:
Summer or Winter:
Some err...
Windows or Mac:
Cats or Dogs:
raining cats n dogs
Boxers or Briefs:
boxers and elaborate... :P
Rain or Shine :
rain n shine
Chips or Popcorn:
Pop - Hips
Salty or Sweet:
spicy n wildy
Plane or Boat:
sail-plane & fly-boat
Morning or Night:
Movie or Play:
Walk or Drive:
walk in the foots steps of a driving mind
Money or Love:
mo-ve :D
Breakfast or Dinner:
Forgiveness or Revenge:
F.... :P
Paint or Wallpaper:
paper & paint
House or Apartment:
nothing apart from house
Truth or Dare:
Contacts or Glasses:
glass, yes
Root beer or Dr. Pepper:
God Seer & Dr.Helper
Mud or Jell-O wrestling:
Bud to well & resting
Skiing or Boarding:
boarding n lodging
Silver or Gold:
goliver sold
Diamond or pearl:
Sunset or Sunrise:
sun rise, rise AnA thaan "set"Agum
Phone or in person:
phone in person
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child:
Indoor or Outdoor:
in outdoor
Do You?
Have Any Pets:
sishyas, friends, wish to have an elephant and a snake
Have Any Children:
my siblings have
from incense sticks
water, tea, juice...
excess eyes [read n write only]
Spend Your Life On Facebook:
Play On A Sports Team:
always in a sportive team
Belong To Any Organizations:
yes, but not any belonging of any org, won't "be - longing" for one though...
Love Your Job:
Like To Cook:
yes but, no
Play An Instrument:
yes, also instrumental for many to play :)
Speak Multiple Languages:
full triple languages
Ice Skate:
in thoughts
btwn tasks
Do you wish you lived somewhere else?:
yes, with my guru, where ever HE went
Do you like roller coasters?:
i like rooster coolers
Enjoy spending time with your Mother?:
Ever think about the price of gasoline?:
many times
Sleep with a fan on?:
not a rasika, for no ceiling for them, wish they grow infinite, but all fans on :)
Have a good handle on spelling?:
also, a good hand drill on spilling
Ever type "kik" instead of "lol?:
yuo instd of you
Know how to play chess?:
know how to win too
Ever miss being a little kid?:
no, why not enjoy a kid grown up!
Want to get married?:
yes, want my friends to get married :)
Have You Ever
Stolen Anything:
Been Drunk Before Noon:
been shrunk b4 [in front of] winter
Had Sex In A Public Place:
yes, when i filled an application in the corridor :P
Got Caught Telling A Lie:
yes, when i say... 'u r beautiful', gals realise it is a lie, as they keep eye [not I] on mirror
Got A Speeding Ticket:
yes, when I upgraded my ticket from a passenger to express...
Been Arrested:
yes, by UKS sir's performance
part of life, remember to clean and create new litters...
Fantasized About A Co-Worker:
when looked at, i found it fanta - sized [bottle shaped]
Cheated On A Test:
yes, cheated a cutest... when exams lined up like a Que, cheated those tests
Cheated In A Relationship:
no, many times got an opportunity to sail, but shun the relay of ships
Failed A Class:
Screened Your Phone Calls:
screened my phone, not calls
Eaten Food Off The Floor:
apadiyellaam maN sOru sAppiradhA vENduthal illai...
Stuck Gum Under A Desk:
yes, after writing a letter, sitting under the desk
Wished You Were Someone Else:
Cried During A Movie:
made people cry
Had A One Night Stand:
had for years, in my night lamp
Had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?:
i pulled to side and the pillion rider puke
Had your heart broken?:
yes it broke and became the "HE-ART"!
Had a good feeling about something?:
something n same thing too
Had a near death experience:
daily, what for you sleep?
Swam in freezing water:
yes, many times.... when water was towards freezing, to be more clear, when it was summer and it would be freezing in some months... :P
Jumped off a house:
yes, to reach my home, i need to thANdify first 4 houses in my st
Been attacked?:
attacked by poliO, complimented by nijamO
Bungee jumped:
yes, when i pressed hard, the ghee and the bun jumped from the plate
White water rafted:
white water drafted :P :P :P
Pulled an all nighter?:
pushed a specific dawner
my clothes, net....
Lied about your age:
yes, i am actually a stone age guy - rocking person
Broken a bone?:
same bone, twice
Describe Yourself In One Word:
Biggest Fear:
Biggest Mistake:
Your Proudest Accomplishment:
#1 Priority In Your Life:
towards truth
Dream Job:
Causes You Believe In:
i believe not only in cause, but rupees, dollars & pounds too...
Special Talents:
not thinking so
Where Are You Right Now:
just where I am left
Where Would You Rather Be:
to where I move
Famous Person You Want To Meet:
Place To Visit Before You Die:
beauty shop for men, i cant do dying on my own
Song Played At Your Funeral:
any fun-here-all song
What are you listening to right now:
my mind
What makes you happy:
What did you do yesterday:
plan tomorrow
Won any awards?:
i don't fight to win
Are you a good driver?:
i am, strong driver (van-devotee) and guys, i neva screw...
Gotten any speeding tickets?:
already ans-wierd
Are you double jointed?:
avur kyaa? you need double-at least two things to join
Last time you showered?:
i ll shower forever, no last time
What's the last dream you remember?:
yet to come
What side of the bed do you sleep on?:
the other side...
Do you dress up on Halloween?:
yes, i don't go nude
Are you outgoing or introverted?:
i am gettin intro, not (a)verted
Do you ever wish you were famous?:
sishyas say: by imparting proper art, he brings fame to us
Have you ever done anything illegal?:
yes, most of them i met are "illE gals" (illai) only... no contentment (no content meant)
Where will you be 12 hours from now?:
where i am now, as it will be same time in a wall clock
Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward?:
when they ask a word which i don't like
Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?:
i don't know will be a wrong answer which is right
Is it easy for people to make you smile?:
yes, even if they don't intend so, i can extract matters to smile
Does anyone hate you for no reason?:
yes, if they know the reason they won't
Can you make yourself cry?:
yes, charity begins at home... [then only you can make others cry] but, i try to dry the cry of others
How many hours of sleep did you get last night?:
Is your life simple or complicated?:
simply complicated
Are you taller than 5'4"?:
no, shorter than 5'6"
What was your last place of employment?:
last birth
What color are your socks?:
belt colour
Have you laughed until you cried:
i can't do that
Have you found out who your true friends were:
no, as they are not out, but in.
Met someone who changed you:
no, after meeting only i changed
Kissed anyone on your friends list:
What were you doing at midnight last night:
awaiting midder than the middest night
Name something you CANNOT wait for:
all things, reducing weight is healthy
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:
yes, his name is 'tom'orrow
What are you listening to right now:
hand swear(d) already
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:
spelling, from life to lipe [layippu]
Last time you saw your father :
when i told him a blade-y joke
Most visited webpage:
respected inbox - ji-mail
Do people think you're weird?:
they think i am neared and deared
Are any of your friends mad at you?:
many of them are made at U-sa, U-k
What's one new thing you'd like to try?:
Would you get married before 19?:
oh yes, 9 teens are 27 = 20 sevens are 140 = one 40 is 40 :D
Can you crack your neck?:
why not? deeper than my neck, crack my voice - throat
Are you a bully? O_o:
worshiping nandhi is bully?!?!
Do you type fast?:
i am nidhAna-type
Do you get mad easily?:
yes, it is only a 3 letter word, unlike asafoetida etc.
Do you like getting hyper?:
yes, high - per- every second
Do you like making kids cry?:
i like crying kids, who laugh when they come to me
Who's your best friend?:
you can be, qualify
What is the longest relationship you were in?:
visitors who stay for more than 2 days are all long-guests only...
First surgery :
12 yrs
First piercing :
First best friend :
First sport you joined :
hide n seek
First pet :
elephant elephant elephant
First vacation :
madras, mysore,mumbai,
First concert :
a vijayadhasami day in erode
First crush :
cool bottled drink
Very FIRST memory? :
First person you had a fight with?:
First time you rode a bike?:
1998 - KH
First car:
a car on road
First person you slow danced with:
the one dancing slow
If your house was on fire, first thing you'd grab?:
First Movie You Saw:
instead, many movies had 'saw' me
First time you were afraid:
when heard the word dhairiyam
First song you remember listening to:
pibarE rAmarasam
First thing you'd do with 5 million dollars:
First thing you notice when you look in the mirror?:
the sound of image (thanks to lA.sA.rA)
First impression of your bf/gf?:
As of Now
Your ex and You:
xes only...
I am listening to:
not gonna listen to this question
Maybe I should:
stop updating [not stop up dating!]
I love:
to be loved
My best friend(s):
many really... not as a group but unique... ennaiyE eduththu evLO selavu paNNinAlum theeramAttEn... that is why...
I don't understand:
mis under stand
I have lost my respect for:
pre - spect, as my power changed
The meaning of my display name is:
erode - native place, nagaraj - my name
I will always be:
yours and myself
Love seems to:
grow, row, ow[e] & W [when u c urself in some1, it is double you]
I never ever want to lose:
I get annoyed when:
Do you like parties?:
already partying
Today I:
be, tomorrow? see. then? de [velop]
I wish:
your wishes come true
Are you neat or sloppy?:
clean and casual
What kind of clothes do you like?:
Are you mad at someone?:
yes, mad at sum 1. then only i can do second and solve 3,4,5.... problems
What do you do in your spare time:
knowing to pair times
Do you have any medical problems?:
yes, if you ask, three red pills are 7.25 and four green pills are 8.95 how much is seven blue pills... :P
What kind of car do you have/want?:
double side boot, engine next door
Do you like to read? What?:
not 1ly what... also when, how, where, aNil, Adu, ilai, Ekkal etc. ish frushtEya nisht...
Do you cook?:
i am a whistiling cooker
Would you do drugs?:
inji kashAyummy [me, make yummy]
Have you ever written a song?:
if i don't like i return
Do you like poetry?:
if not poetic, i dislike
Have you written poetry?:
pO-yA-tree...(wood mandai)
Have you dated someone older than you?:
if i join a french class, and meet a senior who is younger and likes me, how would you call it?
How much older?:
younger than elders


  1. இவ்ளோ கேள்விகள் காலேஜ் வரைக்கும் நான் எழுதின மொத்த எக்ஸாம்ஸ்ல கூட இல்லையே நாகு அண்ணா...

    எப்படி இப்படி எல்லாம்??

  2. facebook asked me these funny questions