Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Many weeks have passed since I visited my blog. Well, it was because, I had been a bit busier than ever with getting the side wheels attached to my new bike, navarathri concerts and classes.

this morning, my sishya Jon Singer came and said "Sir.. I need to show you some fun in my Facebook page... My friend Kirsten Ashley has posted a video..."
She was saying 'I just came from my school' in Adhi thALam in this pattern!
tha,,, dhi,,, ki,,, Na,,, thom,,,
tha,, dhi,, ki,, Na,, thom,,
tha, dhi, ki, Na, thom,
tha dhi ki Na thom tha,
tha dhi ki Na thom tha,
tha dhi ki Na thom //tha then she tried uploading one with music...

smile smile
So, he did one like that in kaNda chApu (I just woke up now)as a video relply.

After seeing this, I told this to Jon, which he captured in his apple mac laptop...

while he was naming the file, I did one more thing and he captured that too...

the above kOrvai is:
I learnt a kOrvai - I 'll sing it in
Adhi thALam - comes for two cycles
you follow? - first a kaNdam + 3
next a misram followed by that,,,
and a sankeerNam makes it come to //end
tha, dhi, thakadhina tham,, thadhikinathom
dhi, thakadhina tham,, thadhikinathom
thakadhina tham,, thadhikinathom than,gu
thaka thadhikinathom than,gu
thakadhiku thadhikinathom//tha

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